Gluten: Unfortunately you will not be able have 8 of the 284 Chocolates and Truffles we sell. (Brownie/Cookie Dough/Crispy Hazelnut/Spiced Biscuit Truffle/Cognac Truffle/Grand Mariner Truffle/Crispy Milk Cupcake) but the rest are Gluten Free so plenty to choose from.

Nuts: Products may contain nuts. If you are allergic to any of the ingredients please contact us for further information.

Although our Truffles and fruit bonbons are made in a Nut Free environment, by or chocolatier Richard, we cannot guarantee 100% as they will be stored with other products that contain nuts and nut products.

A full ingredients list will be uploaded in the near future. If you need to know the exact ingredients in any product please email, for further details.

The Chocolate Shop Sevenoaks LLP Management


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