Going Gold for Alice’s Arc

We have put together a special box of 24 of our most popular and delicious chocolates and truffles to help raise awareness and funds for Alice’s Arc.

Alice’s Arc is a children’s cancer charity battling to find a cure and better treatments for children with rhabdomyosarcoma. The charity wants to improve outcomes for these children and be a major source of support to families going through this difficult journey.

We do this by collaborating with centres of excellence such as the Institute of Cancer Research (ICR), Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) and the Royal Marsden Hospital (RMH). The ICR, together with its clinical partner, The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust, forms the largest comprehensive cancer centre in Europe. GOSH is the largest paediatric cancer centre in Europe.

Through our work we aim to raise awareness of childhood cancer by working with research centres and other cancer charities. We lobby together to make changes for the future that can help to improve the understanding of rhabdomyosarcoma in order to increase treatment options and ensure that children have access to the most appropriate drugs to target the disease effectively.

The charity was founded at the end of 2015 by a Sevenoaks family whose daughter, Alice, fought the disease for almost five years before passing away in October 2019 at age 7. Her frontline treatment involved intensive in-patient chemotherapy, proton radiation in the US and maintenance chemotherapy.  Alice endured this for 20 months. She then enjoyed over a year in remission before the cancer returned in February 2018. Alice then completed relapse chemotherapy and travelled to Amsterdam for a specialist procedure known as AMORE which involved surgical removal of the tumour, brachytherapy radiation and surgical reconstruction of the area. Alice then remained clear of cancer for almost another year. Unfortunately her stomach became distended in July 2019 and tumours were discovered in her abdomen and pelvis and her condition was deemed palliative. She spent 2 months on palliative care before her death on the 8th October 2019.

Unfortunately Alice lost her battle in October 2019. The Chocolate Shop was one of Alice’s favourite shops in Sevenoaks and we would like to honour her memory by helping her family raise much needed funds so other families in the same situation and benefit from the charities support. Alice would be very proud of her mother, Sara, who works tirelessly to run this charity, visits to GOSH to deliver sweet treats the children and organising fund raising events.

Donations will go to Alice’s Arc
15 Chocolate Box – £11.99 – £2 donated
24 Chocolate Box – £20.00 – £4 donated
30 Chocolate Box – £25.99 – £5 donated